The Water industry within the UK is of critical importance, and is a major power user which as well as the need for continual upgrades as well as the need to reduce energy consumption and achieve net zero carbon emissions. Many existing sites face similar problems of aging assets and infrastructure, complex brownfield tie-ins to upgrade existing facilities and a forward drive to add in new renewable power and battery storage to existing facilities. Battery storage scheme represent some interesting development opportunities for WTW / STW sites, as they can provide significant increases to site security, as well as helping manage loads and demand growth.

Aurora Power Consulting can offer a wide range of studies and services across the water M&E requirements covering conceptual design ideas, system analysis and detailed design activities. Typical services we offer can include:

  • ENA G99 Compliance Studies
  • ENA P28.2 Voltage Disturbance Studies
  • ENA G5.5 Harmonic Studies
  • ENA 41-24 Earthing Studies
  • Loadflow studies
  • Short Circuit / Fault level studies
  • Site surveys and reviews
  • Protection coordination studies
  • Arc Flash studies
  • Earthing Design and Analysis
  • HV and LV Cable sizing calculations
  • Concept design for adding in Storage / Solar PV and Wind generation
  • HV network design and reinforcement planning
  • Advice on Demand Side Reduction (DSR)
  • Advice on using battery storage systems for power arbitrage (peak shifting)
  • Addition of new Electric Vehicle charging stations
  • Equipment failure investigation
  • Harmonic surveys and mitigation