Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

The Oil & Gas and petrochemical industries within the UK faces a lot of constraints and challenges with the increasing need to decarbonise the industry, whilst dealing with ageing assets and infrastructure, and a need to meet ever more stringent legislation and lower production costs.  However, these challenges also raise a lot of opportunities for electrification of offshore plants, and compressors, as well as the various opportunities presented by green and blue hydrogen. Aurora are familiar with BS EN, IEC and IEEE / ANSI standards.

Aurora Power Consulting can offer a wide range of studies and services for any Oil & Gas electrical requirements, covering electrical conceptual design, as well as electrical support during pre-FEED, FEED and EPC design stages, as well as support for reviewing and analysing existing plants and facilities. Typical services we offer can include:

  • Concept development and power system design
  • Loadflow studies
  • Short Circuit / Fault studies
  • Motor Starting studies
  • Harmonic analysis studies
  • Load-shedding and re-acceleration studies
  • Dynamic and Stability studies
  • Protection coordination studies
  • Transformer energisation
  • Insulation Coordination
  • Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) calculation and analysis
  • Earthing Design and Analysis using either CDEGS or XGSLab
  • Protection scheme design
  • CT sizing calculations