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        • Generation
        • Aurora works across a wide range of traditional power generation systems, from small CHP units up to large industrial power generation facilities. We have extensive experience in considering synchronous generators fault contribution into the network, as well as considering issues such as dynamic response and transient stability of synchronous generators.

        • Renewables & Energy Storage
        • Aurora provides a range of services to the Renewables and Battery Energy Storage Systems industries, and can provide advice on analysis on greenfield developments or integration into existing brownfield industrial facilities. We specialise in providing grid simulation and G99 compliance studies to support renewable connections to the UK network, and other European networks.

        • Transmission & Distribution
        • Aurora has extensive experience in the transmission and distribution sector, dealing with private 11kV and 33kV networks, iDNOs and DNOs and National Grid, for a variety of different design and analysis applications.

        • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
        • Aurora has extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry, and has undertaken a wide range of design activities, concept studies and simulation studies to support many large international EPC companies and service companies.

        • Industrial
        • Aurora works in light and heavy industry providing a range of services to help plant owners analyse and understand their networks, identify weak spots, providing guidance on system loadings, fault levels, earthing, protection coordination and arc flash.

        • Data Centres
        • Aurora has worked on a number of large data centres, providing a range of services to support existing specialist companies in this area, such as system analysis for fault levels, harmonic analysis, protection coordination and arc flash analysis.

        • Building Services
        • Aurora works in Building Services industry to support multiple M&E contractors in development of the HV aspects of their design, or integration of renewable technologies like roof top solar.  Services include system analysis for fault levels, harmonic analysis, protection coordination and arc flash analysis.

        • Water
        • Aurora has extensive experience in the water industry and has worked fs, identify weak spots, providing guidance on system loadings, fault levels, protection coordination, motor starting earthing and arc flash. We also have extensive experience in helping water companies integrating renewalbe power and battery storge technologies into their sites.

        • Power System Analysis
        • Load flow, fault analysis, P28/2 voltage disturbance including flicker and transformer inrush, G5.5 Harmonics, G99 Grid studies, protection coordination, arc flash, dynamic and transient studies and electromagnetic transients.

        • Power System Design
        • Concept selection, contingency analysis, switchgear and transformer specification, SLD preparation, cable sizing, UPS sizing, substation layouts, protection scheme design, wiring modifications for EPC and M&E companies.

        • Power System Earthing
        • Earth potential rise (EPR) calculations and touch and step voltage calculations with either CDEGS or XGSLab, earthing layouts, soil resistivity testing, fall of potential tests, earthing inspections and resistance testing.

        • Power System Consultancy
        • Concept development and decarbonisation strategies, preparations of G99 and National Grid connection applications, review of ICP and vendor proposals, due diligence checks and client representative and failure investigations.

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        • Team
        • As a consultancy our people are our greatest assets. Please follow the link above to meet the Aurora Team and find out more about us.

        • Careers
        • Are you interested in power system studies and analysis? Would you like to work for Aurora? If so click the above link to see our current vacancies.

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Stephen Sommerville

Managing Director

BA, BSc, MA, MEng, CEng, MIET

Stephen is the Director of Aurora Power Consulting and has 20+ years of experience in power system analysis and design, gained from working in a number of different industries including Consultancy, Transmission & Distribution and Oil and Gas. He has a wealth of experience of different kind of systems and configurations from LV up to 400kV.

Stephen’s primary role is running the day to day business of Aurora, but is also an expert user of DIgSILENT, ETAP and PSCAD and  still manages to find time to carry out some power system studies. His interests include power system stability, power system transients, harmonics and control systems. He is a regular member of the ENA and sits on the DER forum contributing to various standards used within the UK. Stephen is also actively pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering at Brunel University, in the field of power system stability and renewable power integration.

Ross Falconer

Head of Power Systems

BE, BSc, MSc, CEng, MIET

Ross is a chartered electrical engineer with over 15 years’ experience working in the electrical power systems industry for DNO’s, an ICP, and consultancy companies both in the United Kingdom and in New Zealand. Having completed his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering at Canterbury in New Zealand, he then went on to complete a MSc in Electrical Power Systems at the University of Bath.

He has experience of HV and EHV design and power system studies and simulation using DIgSILENT and IPSA as well as earthing studies using the CDEGS design suite. Ross is skilled in the design and analysis of high voltage electrical systems, including both primary plant and secondary protection & control systems, with a particular focus on G99 and Grid Code compliance. As Power System Studies Team Leader, Ross is responsible for leading the System Studies Engineers to produce high-quality reports based on technically sound analysis of electrical power systems that informs our clients in a clear manner, removing uncertainty from their decision making.


Jesus de Albornoz Alvarez

Power System Studies Team Leader

BSc, MSc

Jesus is a highly skilled Power System Studies engineer with over 13 years’ experience in power system analysis and HV design, gained from working on a variety of large-scale industrial plants and power stations, with a cumulative total of over 1200 MW. Jesus particularly enjoys helping to develop and train junior members of the team and watching the grow in confidence and ability.

He is an expert user of DigSILENT PowerFactory, SKM Powertools, ETAP and CYMGrd, as well as experienced with packages such as EMTP-RV and Matlab. He enjoys all aspects of power system analysis, with a particular focus in power system transient events and earthing studies.



Callum Brown

Power System Studies Team Leader


Callum is an experienced Power System Studies engineer with over 5 years’ experience in power system analysis and HV electrical design, gained through both renewable development and consultancy roles.

Callum specializes in power system studies such as loadflow, short circuit, motor starting, harmonics, G99 compliance, transformer energisation, protection coordination studies and arc flash analysis. Callum is familiar with ETAP, DIgSILENT PowerFactory and AMTECH. He particularly enjoys developing scripts to automate some of the more tedious aspects of large simulations and has helped develop a number of in house tools.  


Dr Peter Rush


BSc, PhD, MIET, CEng

Dr Peter Rush is a Senior Consultant with over 40 years’ experience in power system analysis and has an impressive track record with career highlights including editor of the well known Network Protection Automation Guide (NPAG). Peter has a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of aspects of power system analysis and has  worked across a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Transmission & Distribution and the industrial sectors.

Peter is an expert in power system studies of all types and focuses primarily on the use of ETAP, whilst gaining confidence in using DIgSILENT Powerfactory. He has a special interest in power system stability and control and synchronous machines, and his PhD (from back in the day) was on the use of synchronous condensers, and he is interested to see the return of such devices to the UK network as part of the planned drive to reach net zero carbon targets.


Dr Kianoush Naraghipour



Kianoush is a Consultant engineer with over 20+ years’ experience in power system analysis and HV electrical design, gained working in a variety of different industries including consultancy, EPC and heavy industry. 

Kianoush has a PhD from Strathclyde University in Power Systems – specialising in Islanding Detection, and also has an MSc from Newcastle University in Power Systems engineering. Kianoush enjoys all aspects of power systems and analysis,  but specializes in HV earthing studies with the CDEGS packages, considering complex earthing analysis problems and better ways of calculating fault return currents. He is currently enjoying developing his skills in classical power system studies and the use of DIgSILENT Powerfactory and PSCAD.

Alan Philip Binu

Graduate Engineer

BTech, MSc, MIET

Alan Philip Binu joined Aurora in 2022 as part of our graduate recruitment program, and has quickly developed a strong set of skills in power system analysis and modelling techniques in  DIgSILENT Powerfactory and ETAP, and is currently learning AutoCAD and CDEGS. 

Alan has completed a number of challenging studies already including several G99 Type B studies, G99 Type C studies, protection coordination, and G5.5 Stage 2C and Stage 3 harmonic assessments. He is also learning key aspects of HV (11kV and 33kV) design, such as cable sizing, protection scheme development and equipment specification.

Hesam Maleki

Power Systems Engineer

BSc, MSc

Hesam Maleki is an Electrical Design Engineer and System Studies engineer with over 13 years’ experience in designing ancillary electrical systems for hydro-power plants, combined cycle power plant, oil and gas projects and power system analysis. He has recently completed an MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Hesam specializes in electrical design, power systems analysis, protection, and earthing studies. Hesam is familiar with ETAP and DIgSILENT and is currently developing his skills in CDEGS. Hesam is also an expert user of Python and is looking forward to using his skills to help automate some of the various studies processes within DIgSILENT.


Sarath Shaji

Graduate Engineer

BTech, MSc, MIET

Sarath Shaji is joined Aurora in 2023 as part of our graduate electrical engineer intake, and has quickly started learning how to use DIgSILENT Powerfactory, and has been impressing everyone with his hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

Sarath has completed a number of  interesting and challenging studies already, considering the areas of loadflow, short circuit studies, IDMT protection, P28, G99 Type B compliance and G5.5 Stage 2 harmonic studies. He is also learning key aspects of HV (11kV and 33kV) design, such as cable sizing, protection scheme development and equipment specification.


Zoe Haywayrd

Accounts / Admin

BTech, MSc

Zoe is responsible for the most important part of the business – making sure the accounts and up to date and ensuring everything is running smoothly behind the scenes for the day-to-day administration duties that are essential to keeping the business operations running smoothly. She is experienced in a number of different areas and manages both the accounts and business development.