Renewables & Energy Storage

Aurora works extensively within the Renewables sector and have an enviable track record of delivering compliance studies for the DNOs and NG ESO. We have worked on a number of large Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), onshore windfarms, Solar PV, hybrid solar/storage as well as convention synchronous generators and synchronous condensers. We specialise in providing Grid Code and G99 compliance studies to support renewable connections to the UK network, and other European networks.

Transmission & Distribution

Aurora has extensive experience in the transmission and distribution sector, dealing with DNOs and National Grid networks at 11 kV, 33 kV, 132 kV, 275kV and 400 kV, as well as private 11 kV and 33 kV networks. Our range of services have included earthing studies, detail design, equipment specification, , vendor document review, compliance studies, transient studies and review of connection agreements and offers.

Power Generation

Aurora works across a wide range of traditional power generation systems, from small CHP units up to large industrial power generation facilities. We have extensive experience in considering synchronous generators and synchronous condensers. We can analyse system performance during fault conditions to IEC 60909 or IEC 62271-37-013, help select Generator Circuit Breakers and IPB ratings and carry out considering issues such as dynamic response, AVR tuning, PSS tuning, and transient stability.


Aurora works extensively in the industrial sector, providing a wide range of services to help plant owners analyze and understand their networks. This typically includes site surveys, concept design, guidance on equipment ratings and selection, demand side reduction advice, protection coordination studies, arc flash studies, load flow and fault level analysis, as well as motor starting and re-acceleration studies. The analysis services we offer are as diverse as our clients need!


Aurora has extensive experience in the water industry and has worked with a number of different M&E contractors and asset owners. Aurora will typically, identify weak spots, providing guidance on system loading, fault levels, protection coordination, motor starting earthing and arc flash. We also have extensive experience in helping water companies integrating renewable power and battery storage technologies into their sites.

Data Centres

Aurora has worked on a number of large data centers, providing a range of services to support existing specialist companies in this area. Services include power system analysis to determine operation under normal and fault conditions, harmonic analysis, protection coordination, differential protection setting calculation, CT sizing calculations and arc flash analysis.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Aurora has extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry, and have provided support to a number of major EPC contractors for pre-FEED, FEED and EPC projects, as well as directly contracted to existing sites and facilities. Aurora typically undertakes power system studies to consider system performance and validation for normal, fault and transient conditions.

Building Services

Aurora works in Building Services industry to support M&E contractors in development of the HV aspects of their design, or to provide guidance for integration of renewable technologies like roof top solar or CHP generation. Services include system analysis for fault levels, harmonic analysis, protection coordination and arc flash analysis.