Transmission & Distribution

The Transmission & Distribution sector in the UK is one of the most dynamic and exciting electrical markets in the world, which is undergoing a rapid expansion due to the increasing penetration of  battery storage, onshore wind, offshore wind, solar PV and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.

The T&D sector covers a wide range of voltage levels and operations; from 275 / 400 kV transmission substations, through to smaller 132 / 33 / 11 kV DNO substations, and larger private and iDNO networks. Transmission & Distribution infrastructure owners are faced by a constant pressure of new connections, increasing demand and a need to reduce CAPEX and OPEX, whilst ensuring that all necessary performance requirements are met.

Aurora Power Consulting can offer a wide range of studies and services across the T&D industry direct to DNOs, iDNOs and private network operators to covering network planning, system analysis and detailed design activities. Typical services we offer can include:

  • Independent review of ENA G99 Compliance Studies
  • Guidance on P28.2 assessment for battery storage systems
  • Loadflow and Reactive Power Flow studies
  • Fault level studies
  • Network planning and reinforcement studies
  • Outage condition planning
  • ENA 41-24 Earthing Studies
  • Insulation coordination studies
  • TGN 288E TOV / SOV studies (NGET)
  • Support for new and emerging technologies
  • Reliability & Availability studies
  • Protection scheme design & CT sizing
  • HV network design and reinforcement planning
  • Earthing Design and Analysis using either CDEGS or XGSLab