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Power System Analysis Specialists

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Power System Analysis:

Aurora offer the full range of power systems analysis, including: G99 compliance studies, Grid Code compliance studies, Load flow, IEC 60909 / G74 fault analysis, P28.2 voltage disturbance , G5.5 Harmonics, protection coordination, arc flash, dynamic and transient studies and EMT analysis. Studies can be carried out in DIgSILENT, ETAP or PSCAD.

Power System Design:

Aurora offer a range of HV and EHV design services including: Concept design, cost optimization, protection scheme design, AIS substation design, neutral earthing strategies, substation layout, equipment selection and specification, cable route design, cable sizing calculations, SLD and schematic preparation.


Aurora offer a full range of earthing design and analysis solutions including: Earth potential rise (EPR) calculations and touch and step voltage calculations with either CDEGS or XGSLab, to ENA 41-24, BS EN 50522, or IEEE 80. Preparation of earthing layouts, schematics, soil resistivity testing, fall of potential tests and earthing inspections.


Aurora offers a range of general power system consultancy services, including: Concept development and DSR strategies, 'Cold Eye' review, SAFOP chairing, Client Engineer roles, review of ICP proposals, review of vendor documentation, due diligence checks and failure investigations.

What do we Do?

Aurora Power Consulting Ltd. are a leading independent power systems consultancy, based in the UK. We provide specialize in systems analysis, simulation and modelling of power systems – anything from simple MV secondary distribution systems through to complex transmission networks.  We also provide HV/EHV earthing design and analysis services, as well as HV/EHV designs and general consultancy services.

We support a wide range of industries, including: Renewable Power, Energy Storage, Industrial, Transmission & Distribution, Data Centers, Oil & Gas, Thermal Generation,  Built Environment and the Water industry.

Aurora operates a number of comprehensive power systems analysis software packages such as DIgSILENT Powerfactory, PSCAD/EMTDC, ETAP, EMTP-ATP and Matlab/Simulink, which allow us to analyse even the most complex power system down to the electromagnetic transient level. In addition we also operate both CDEGS and XGSLab.

How can we help?

Aurora aims to make power system analysis simpler and more accessible for our clients. We work with our clients to make sure they understand how their system should operate and identify any risks.

Renewable Power: Aurora completes the compliance studies necessary (G99, P28.2, G5.5 or Grid Code) to meet DNO / NG ESO requirements. Aurora aims to simplify and de-risk the process, letting our clients focus on what they do best. 

HV / EHV networks: we analyze their system to identify its behavior and constraints during steady state, fault or transient conditions, and provide clear recommendations on improvements on their network.

Our technical services are broadly grouped into the following main areas: power system designpower system analysisearthing and grounding and general power systems consultancy.

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vision & Strategy: Our Knowledge - Your Power

 Our vision is to help the world decarbonize, by providing specialist analysis services to all major electrical users. Our services are shaped to help renewable power companies meet regulatory requirements and get connected as smoothly an d efficiently as possible, and to help industrial users to understand their electrical systems  and rise to the challenges and opportunities of a zero carbon future. 



At the heart of our business strategy is our desire to work in a partnership approach with your company. Our goal is to build mutually beneficial long lasting relationships. We aim to simplify and de-risk the simulation and analysis process, to help our customers focus on what they do best. At Aurora our view is simple:


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