Data Centres

Data Centres are increasing in presence and size, as the 21st century revolution continues at ever increasing pace. Whilst development of data centres remains a specialist IT process, the need for high reliability and availability system design remains paramount and the need for complex and detailed protection studies is often misunderstood. The large size and complexity of the design can mean that obtaining DNO approval for harmonics and voltage disturbance can also be tricky for developers unused to the DNOs standards and requriements.

Aurora Power Consulting can offer a wide range of studies and services for Data Centres M&E services, covering help with conceptual design ideas, system analysis and detailed design activities. Typical services we offer can include:

  • Protection coordination studies
  • Arc Flash studies
  • Fault Level studies
  • Concept development
  • Validation and review of Client designs
  • Reliability & Availability studies
  • ENA P28/2 Voltage Disturbance Studies
  • ENA G5.5 Harmonic Studies
  • ENA G99 compliance Studies
  • Protection scheme design & CT sizing
  • HV cable sizing calculations
  • HV network design and reinforcement planning
  • Earthing Design and Analysis using either CDEGS or XGSLab