Power Generation

The thermal power generation sector in the UK, is one that is undergoing a major shift, with movement away from large scale OCGT and CCGT plants, to smaller distributed energy from waste, biomass, CHP and Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR). Some interesting changes are also occurring in conventional thermal generation, with upgrades being planned for them to  be able to provide black start capability, or to be able to operate as synchronous condensers. The majority of these plants all have similar goals, to maximise their profitability by optimising the design to reduce CAPEX and OPEX, whilst ensuring that all necessary performance requirements imposed by the Developer and DNO are met.

The Aurora team has a deep understanding of synchronous machine theory and application and can provide specialist expertise and guidance on these large, complex and expensive items of plant. Services include review of machine characteristics and performance requirements, AVR tuning, Governor tuning, modelling and simulation of PSS controls, as well as detailed transient calculations with PSCAD to look at behavior during faults and circuit breaker TRV capability.

Aurora Power Consulting can offer a wide range of studies and services across the power generation sector, covering conceptual design ideas, system analysis and detailed design activities. Typical services we offer can include:

  • Grid Code Compliance Studies
  • ENA G99 Compliance Studies
  • ENA P28.2 Voltage Disturbance Studies
  • ENA G5.5 Harmonic Studies
  • ENA 41-24 Earthing Studies
  • TGN 288E TOV / SOV studies (NGET)
  • Reactive Power Flow studies
  • Protection coordination and setting studies
  • Insulation coordination studies
  • Arc Flash and Fault Level studies
  • PSCAD Modelling
  • AVR Tuning and setting
  • Governor Tuning and settings
  • PSS Tuning and setting
  • Stability Studies
  • Concept development
  • Acting as Owners engineer
  • Advice & Support dealing with DNO Offers
  • Advice & Support dealing with National Grid
  • Reliability & Availability studies
  • Protection scheme design & CT sizing
  • HV cable sizing calculations
  • Earthing Design and Analysis using either CDEGS or XGSLab