Power System Analysis:

Aurora offer the full range of power systems analysis, including: G99 compliance studies, Grid Code compliance studies, Load flow, IEC 60909 / G74 fault analysis, P28.2 voltage disturbance , G5.5 Harmonics, protection coordination, arc flash, dynamic and transient studies and EMT analysis. Studies can be carried out in DIgSILENT, ETAP or PSCAD.

Power System Design:

Aurora offer a range of HV and EHV design services including: Concept design, cost optimization, protection scheme design, AIS substation design, neutral earthing strategies, substation layout, equipment selection and specification, cable route design, cable sizing calculations, SLD and schematic preparation.


Aurora offer a full range of earthing design and analysis solutions including: Earth potential rise (EPR) calculations and touch and step voltage calculations with either CDEGS or XGSLab, to ENA 41-24, BS EN 50522, or IEEE 80. Preparation of earthing layouts, schematics, soil resistivity testing, fall of potential tests and earthing inspections.


Aurora offers a range of general power system consultancy services, including: Concept development and DSR strategies, 'Cold Eye' review, SAFOP chairing, Client Engineer roles, review of ICP proposals, review of vendor documentation, due diligence checks and failure investigations.