Lark Power Services – STOR Project

Aurora is pleased to announce that they have been selected by Lark Energy to carry out a range of power system studies for a new 7.5MW STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) project at Pye Bridge, Derbyshire in the UK. The STOR project is based on diesel engine technology, with the site consisting of 3x 2.5MW generators in a banked configuration.

Aurora’s role is to carry out a short circuit study (G74) to asses the fault in-feed to the DNO network within ETAP, a transient analysis (P28) to assess the system response to energisation / trip of the main transformers using the EMTP-ATP package, and an ENA 41-24 earthing study using CDEGS.  The studies are necessary to facilitate the energisation request from the DNO and are an important part of the design validation. .

Aurora look forward to working with Lark Power Services, and supporting this important project.

Aurora provides the following specialist power system capabilities:

  • General power system consultants
  • Preparation of initial power system design concepts
  • Single line diagram preparation
  • ETAP studies
  • PSCAD studies
  • System health checks
  • Combined Heat & Power / CHP Systems
  • Equipment selection and evaluation
  • Independent design reviews and verification
  • Advice on overhead line and cable diversions
  • IEC 61850 implementation
  • Generator selection and application
  • Emergency Generators
  • Protection scheme development
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Power Quality improvement
  • Use of GIS equipment
  • Substation design and optimisation
  • Application guidance on Variable speed Drives and Harmonic Filters
  • Support during FATs and commissioning
  • Safety & operability / SAFOP reviews
  • Due Diligence reviews

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