E and I Engineering – Data Centre – Arc Flash Study

Aurora are pleased to announce that they have been appointed by E & I Engineering (Ireland), to carry out an arc flash study and fault level verification for a new data centre, located in Berlin, Germany for a major software company. The aim of the study will be to evaluate the fault clearing times, incident energy levels and associated hazard risk category (HRC) for all the main HV and LV switchboards on the site, for a variety of different operating scenarios.

Aurora look forward to working with E and I Engineering, on this key strategic project.

Arc flash studies are always an interesting area to undertake, as they are still not commonly understood or carried out in the UK, despite being a legal requirement covered by the Electricty at Work Regulations (1989). Part of the confusion in the UK, is the regulations are very general in nature, and don’t specifically mention arc-flash studies, except in some guidance documents and even in those, they are a little unclear.

If you are unfamiliar with Arc Flash requirements, please do have a look at HSE document HSR25 (3rd edition) and HSE document HSG85 (3rd edition), as they quite clearly mention the risks and legal implications.