New Embedded Bio-generators for a Major Supermarket Chain

Aurora are pleased to announce that they have been appointed by Associated Technology Partners / Green Power Generators, to help roll out new embedded LV generators, running on bio-diesel to 8 existing distribution centres for a major supermarket chain in the UK.The embedded generators will run in parallel with the existing main DNO provided electricity supply, and operate in a combined fixed power output, but will also ramp down during reduced load demand to ensure that the site does not export power to the grid.

The use of bio-diesel generators will help the supermarket chain, significantly reduce their electricity bill, whilst helping to meet their renewable power and CO2 reduction objectives. Aurora’s scope will include development of the main system design, single line diagrams, power system studies, cable sizing, control system operation protection configuration and tie-in points, development of the overall control philosophy and preparation of the ENA G59/99 forms and liaison with the DNO.

Aurora look forward to working with ATP/GPG on this exciting new project.