RED Engineering / AVK – Battery Storage

Battery Storage – Aurora are please to announce that they have been appointed by RED Engineering and AVK to help develop and design an island power system to support construction of a new battery testing facility in the UK (End User Confidential!). The use of an island system, whilst unusual, has been considered necessary as the local grid does not have sufficient spare capacity or resilience to withstand the highly dynamic power import/export of the battery testing cyclers and is based on a combination of generators and Battery Storage Systems. Aurora’s scope includes development of the detailed protection and control SLD, modelling of the system in DigSilent and carrying out the static loadflows, short circuit calculations and harmonic analysis, as well as carrying out various cable sizing calculations, an d providing support for implementation of the various battery energy storage systems and ultra-capacitor banks on the system.

Aurora look forward to working with RED Engineering and AVK on this critical project.