South East Water

Site Surveys and Power System Studies

Various Sites

Aurora was contracted by South East Water to carry out a rolling site survey program, to attend a number of critical Water Treatment Works (WTW) sites across the Southern area.

Aurora’s scope was to attend each site, gather all existing site data and then to produce an overall system Single Line Diagram, and loadflow and fault level study to identify the existing system operation and configuration, in order to facilitate planned upgrade of the sites to allow for deployment of future solar and battery storage schemes.

Key Features

Client: South East Water
Industry: Water
Plant Type: WTW
Project: Site Surveys & Studies
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2019

“Aurora was appointed by South East Water to undertake a rolling program of site surveys and initial power system studies to assess a number of key sites in the South East Water region, to begin preparation for upgrading for future Solar and Battery Storage systems.”