Smith Brothers

Power System Studies

Sweetmoor and Station Road

Aurora was contracted by Smith Brothers to carry out a series of power system studies for 2 new 6.6kV, gas fired STOR generation sites in the ENWL area within the UK. The Sweetmoor site was rated at 7.5MW and the Station Road site was rated at 9.8MW.

Aurora’s scope included undertaking a number of detailed studies to ensure that the system was fully design and in compliance with the lastest standards and DNO requirements prior to energisation. The studies included, Loadflow and short circuit analysis, P28/2 study, G5/5 Stage 2C assessment, G99 Type B assessments, system stability assessments and protection coordination studies.

Key Features

Client: Smith Brothers
Industry: Generation
Plant Type: STOR
Project: System Studies
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2020

“Aurora was appointed to undertake a series of power system studies for 2 different STOR generation sites.”