Reactive Technologies Ltd

Power System Studies

JG Pears 275kV Connection

Aurora was contracted by Reactive Technologies Ltd., to assess the viability of connecting a new system inertia measuring technology at an existing 275kV National Grid supply point.

Aurora’s carried out a series of power system studies, to assess the impact of a new modulated load technology developed by Reactive Technologies Ltd. The study involved assessing the new modulators impact to the existing connection in terms of steady state load balance, fault contribution, harmonics, protection settings and operation and stability of a nearby synchronous generators.

Key Features

Client: Reactive Technologies Ltd.
Industry: Transmission & Distribution
Plant Type: Grid Inertia Measurement
Project:  Power System Studies
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2019

“Aurora undertook a number of different power system studies to assess the impact of a new grid inertia measurement technology system”