Due Diligence Study

Capacitive Cable

Aurora was contracted by Enertechnos to undertake a due diligence assessment of a new capacitive cable transfer technology, that was under R&D development, before planned deployment on the UK system.

Aurora’s scope was to review the proposed technology developed by the R&D team and assess its suitability and viability to add to the UK network, along with some of the typical constraints and concerns that the DNOs would have in terms of power transfer, power swings, switching surges, operation modes and protection integration.

Key Features

Client: Enertechnos
Industry: Transmission & Distribution
Plant Type: R&D Project
Project:  Due Diligence Study
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2019

“Aurora undertook a due diligence assessment of a revolutionary new 11kV & 33kV capacitve cable transfer system.”