Peak Gen 200MVAr Reactor

TOV/SOV Transient Study

Aurora Power Consulting was contracted by Peak Gen Power to carry out an urgent TOV/SOV study for a new 200MVAr 400kV reactor that was due for energisation onto the National Grid network that was on an urgent deadline.

Aurora’s scope was to develop a system model of the relevant network using PSCAD, and the to carry out an assessment of Switching Over-voltage (SOV) and Transient Over-voltage (TOV) to the National Grid TGN(E) 288 standard. The simulation model was developed rapidly using PSCAD considering the main configuration of the system, and all the relevant stray capacitance in the network, and then analyzed to determine the system behavior for various energisation and switching scenarios. Aurora’s fast turnaround on the deliverable helped the Client meet their energisation date, whilst ensuring National Grid were satisfied the study was carried out in sufficient detail.

Key Features

Client: Peak Gen Power
Industry: Transmission & Distribution
Plant Type: Reactive Power Compensation
Project: Power System Studies
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2022

“Aurora was appointed to undertake a TOV/SOV study for a 200MVAr, 400kV Reactor to National Grid Standard TGN(E) 288.”