Ethical Power

Bulkworthy 6.5MW Solar PV

Power System Studies

Aurora was commissioned by Ethical Power to carry out a series of power systems studies in order to meet compliance with the DNO, for a new 6.5MW Solar PV extension to an existing wind farm site.

Aurora’s scope included carrying out a loadflow, short circuit, P28/2 voltage disturbance, P29 unbalance, ENA G5.4 Stage 3 harmonics, G99 Type D studies and protection coordination study for the site in order to ensure that the design was robust and met the End Clients performance requirements as well as complied with the DNO standards prior to energisation. All studies were carried out using the DIgSILENT Powerfactory software package.


Key Features

Client: Ethical Power
Industry: Renewables
Plant Type: Solar PV
Project: Bulkworthy
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2022

“Aurora was appointed by Ethical Power to carry out a series of power system studies for extension of an existing Wind Farm site with a new 6.5MW solar PV array”