Failure Investigation

Crumps Solar PV

Aurora was commissioned by Equans to carry out a fault study and lead a failure investigation into a new Solar PV following a number of serious equipment failures during the commissioning process.

Aurora initially carried out a detailed fault study to determine the maximum 3-phase and phase-earth fault levels on the system, to ensure that all equipment was suitable rated for the required duty. Following the fault study, Aurora then liasied directly with the Client and inverter manufacturer to understand the potential failure modes of the inverters during commissioing. Aurora then attended the LV switchgear manufacturers site to identidy the flashover locations, busbar damage points and discharge patternation inside the switchgear.

Aurora then provided the Client with an overall analysis investigation report detailing the shortcomings on the various aspects of the design and identifying what we believed to be the Root Cause of the system failure.


Key Features

Client: Equans
Industry: Renewables
Plant Type: Solar
Project: Crumps
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2022

“Aurora was appointed to undertake a failure investigation following a series of equipment failures during commissioning of a new Solar PV array.”