Power System Studies and Analysis


Aurora was contracted by Storengy to undertake a series of power system studies to support the addition of two new 9.5MW, Variable speed Driven (VSD) compressors to one of their sites in Stublach, UK.

Aurora’s scope included developing an ETAP model of the whole power system, including the existing and new equipment and the associated solution mining loads. Once the model had been created and validated against the existing site operation, Aurora undertook a loadflow and short circuit study to confirm the system operation parameters. Subsequently Aurora were then tasked.

Once this had been completed, Aurora then re-evaluated the existing system protection coordination settings across the whole plant from the LV up to the 132kV connections; Aurora then undertook a new coordination grading exercise for the new VSDs and associated auxiliary loads.

Subsequently, Aurora were then tasked with carrying out an arc flash investigation into the site using the new protection settings, in order to determine the incident energy levels and required PPE equipment for operatives.

Key Features

Client: Storengy
Industry: Oil & Gas
Plant Type: Gas Storage
Project: System Studies
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2017

“Aurora was appointed to undertake a series of power system studies to support connection of two new 9.5MW VSD compressors.”