Power System Studies

Buncefield Rebuild

Aurora was contracted by British Pipeline Agency Ltd (BPA) to provide general consultancy services in support of the Buncefield rebuild project at Hemel Hempstead, UK.

Aurora began by visiting the site along with undertaking a thorough review of the existing site and construction progress, before holding a detailed review with BPA.  Aurora then agreed a plan to initially target the key schedule risk areas, in order to help keep the construction and power-on schedule on track.

Aurora’s scope included carrying out detailed HV and main LV cable sizing calculations, and undertaking a review of the site earthing and its impact to the protection schemes. As part of the earthing and protection investigation Aurora reviewed the Standby Earth Fault and Restricted Earth Fault protection schemes and clarified the correct neutral-earthing strategy for the 3.3 kV and LV systems and best location for the CTs.

From first attending the site, Aurora managed to gain a clear understanding of the key project requirements and within 4 weeks of the starting date managed to produce the first issue of all key deliverables, and help close out many of the existing problems.

Key Features

Client: BPA
Industry: Oil & Gas
Plant Type: Oil Pumping Station
Project: Consultancy
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2017

“Aurora was appointed to provide general consultancy services to support the Buncefield Rebuild project.”