Afon Llan 10MW Solar PV

G99 Type C and G5.4 Stage 3

Aurora was commissioned by Power Systems Consultancy to carry out an ENA G99, Type C system study and an ENA G5.4 Stage 3 harmonic for a new 10 MW Solar PV plant installed in South Wales. The study scope included creating a model of the local Solar PV system and integrating the manufacturer inverter model and Power Park Controller (PPC) into the overall system model, DNO then creating a model of the local DNO network using the LTDS system data, before carrying out the various analysis studies.

Key Features

Client: PSC
Industry: Renewables & Storage 
Plant Type: Solar PV
Project: Power System Studies
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2021

“Aurora was appointed to undertake an ENA G99 and an ENA G5.4 Stage 3 study for a new 10MW Solar PV array.”