UCP Choice – 5MW STOR

Aurora is pleased to announce that the company has been selected by UCP Choice to carry out a range of power system studies for two new 5MW STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) projects at Finway and Elms. The STOR project is based on gas engine technology, with each site consisting of 2x 2.5MW gas engines operating in a banked configuration.

Aurora’s role is to carry out a short circuit study (G74) to asses the fault in-feed to the DNO network, a transient analysis (P28) to assess the system response to energisation / trip of the generating units and a harmonic analysis (G5/4) to demonstrate compliance with the relevant standards. The studies are necessary to facilitate the energisation request from the DNO and are an important part of the design validation. The studies will all be carried out using the DigSilent simulation package.

Aurora look forward to working again with UCP choice, and supporting these important projects.