G5.4 Stage 3 Harmonic Assessment

Aurora is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by UCP Choice to carry out a series of power system studies (G5.4 Stage 3 harmonic assessment) for a new 4MW solar photovoltaic (PV) array at  Stonehills, Devon.

Aurora will undertake a full G5.4 stage 3 harmonic assessment, based on a large import of the  PSS/E model for the South West into DigSilent. As part of this study the DNO has specifically requested that Aurora undertake an analysis of any resonance conditions on the 132kV network, as well as calculating voltage harmonic gain factors for all nearby substations on the network.

In addition, Aurora will also carry out a P28 transformer inrush / energisation study using PSCAD and a simple desktop P29 voltage unbalance study.

Aurora is pleased to work with UCP Choice again and look forward to completing the project.