ETAP – 300 Bus and Renewables Module

Aurora is pleased to announce that we have just upgraded our ETAP license to include the renewable energy modules and increased the overall system capability to a 300 busbar version. The increase in busbar capacity was for a specific, confidential, project, and now lets us tackle, increasingly large & complex projects such as large industrial plants, data centers and oil & gas / petrochemical facilities. The Renewable energy module includes specific simulation modules for a wide range of Wind Turbine generators and PV arrays and significantly strengthens our capabilities in the renewable sector.

The WTG models includes all of the standard WTG configurations, including directly connected induction machines, DFIG and full converter systems. This allows us to directly model the wind flow profile as well as the turbine parameters, device inertia and control loop settings and lets Aurora  fully integrate a WTG in dynamic and transient studies, as well as accurately develop wind farm conceptual design and penetration studies.

The PV array module, allows us to model individual array strings as well as overall irradiance levels and performance factors to allow accurate modelling and forecasting of actual power output expected for a wide range of scenarios. In addition the PV module includes an extensive library of many of the most common inverter types and the efficiencies and harmonic output.

For more detail on ETAP and its capabilities, as well as the renewable modules, please visit the following link: