Conceptual Design

Halewick Lane

Aurora was contracted by SS&A to help develop a new 24MW, 33kV Battery Energy Storage Site (BESS) at Halewick Lane.

The site had a common incoming 33kV, 24MW supply, that was then split into two sub-feeders, to supply different area developers. Auroras scope included development of the overall cable route, cable routing drawings, preliminary SLDs and development of the ICP scope documentation. Once the initial design development had been carried out, Aurora then acted as the Owners Engineer reviewing the ICP and EPC design submissions and helping to liaise with the DNO.

Key Features

Client: SS&A
Industry: Renewables
Plant Type: Battery Storage
Project: Concept Design
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2020-22

“Aurora carried out a detailed concept selection study, including preparation of SLDs, cable route and ICP scope documents, as well as support to the developer during construction.”