G99 Compliance Study

Allt Na Moine

Aurora was contracted by Hydroplan to carry out a G99 Type B analysis for a new 2MW, 33kV hydro power station at Allt Na Moine in Scotland

Auroras scope was to carry out a G99 Type B compliance study for the hydro plant for connection to the SSE network at 33kV. The project was unusual as the developer did not have a fully developed model available for the generator and Aurora had to create a full governor and AVR model using some standard PSS/E compatible models for the synchronous generator and carry out a tuning exercise to obtain a satisfactory response for the generator LFSM and FRT cases.




Key Features

Client: Hydroplan
Industry: Power Generation
Plant Type: Hydro Plan
Project: G99 Study
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2022

“Aurora was appointed to carry out a G99 study for a new hydro power station.”