Newquay Airpot - Spaceport

Site Survey & Protection Coordination Study

Aurora was commissioned by Enerveo to carry out a site survey on the protection settings of the existing airport infrastructure, as part of the planned upgrade to prepare the site for the Virgin Space program.

Once the initial site survey had been carried out, a subsequent site wide fault level analysus and protection coordination study for the system, using DIgSILENT Powerfactory. Aurora carried out a full coordination study from the DNO incomers, through to the largest outgoing circuit on each LV switchboard, recommending a number of changes to the existing protection settings to ensure that full grading was acheived across the network.

Key Features

Client: Enerveo
Industry: Building Services
Plant Type: Airport
Project: Protection Study
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2022

“Aurora was appointed to undertake a site survey and subsequent protection coordination study for Newquay Airport, as part of the planned Spaceport upgrade.”