HV Design and Power System Studies

Forest Park Energy From Waste

Aurora was contracted by Trant Engineering Ltd, to carry out the HV design and power system studies for a new 4.2 MW energy from waste power generation plant located on the Isle of Wight, UK.

Aurora’s scope include design and development of the whole HV electrical network, which included the plant electrical control philosophy, protection scheme and generator synchronization facilities. In addition Aurora were responsible for carrying out all of the power system studies including loadflow, short circuit, voltage disturbance and protection co-ordination.

Aurora also developed the overall Power Management System (PMS), responsible for managing the overall electrical system operation, which included: Management of STG setpoints, operation modes, load management and the HMI.  This included development of a Functional Requirement specification (FRS) specification, connection block diagrams and support to the scheme developer.

Aurora attended numerous meetings and helped the Client to coordinate the HV electrical design with the various stakeholders including the DNO, end user, switchgear manufacturer, STG manufacturer and mechanical equipment handling contractor.

Key Features

Client: Trant
Industry: Steam Power Generation
Plant Type: Energy From Waste
Project: Design & Protection
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2018-20

“Aurora was appointed to provide technical design services for the HV and LV systems of the new generation plant.”