Grange Industries

Power System Studies

Beattock and Brighouse

Aurora was contracted by Grange industries to undertake a power flow and arc flash study for two different gas compression sites at Beattock and Brighouse bay in the UK, based on site survey data provided by the end Client.

Aurora began by reviewing all the existing site data provided, and the results of the power data logging equipment. Aurora then reviewed the data logger information to check and confirm the site power demand and load cycling, power factor, voltage unbalance and levels of harmonic distortion on the site.

Aurora then constructed a model in ETAP of the main sites, and used the loading data to setup diversity factors for the system which were ‘tuned’ to match the load data recorded by the site data loggers to take into account actual operating conditions. Once this base condition was established, a variety of load flow cases were carried out to confirm a satisfactory rating of all of the items of the plant.

To complete the project, a series of arc flash study calculations were carried out based on the protection settings for the maximum and minimum short circuit cases to confirm the levels of incident energy and the required PPE for operations personnel.

Key Features

Client: Grange Industries
Industry: Oil & Gas
Plant Type: Gas Compression
Project: System Studies
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2017

“Aurora was appointed to undertake a power flow and arc flash study for Grange Industries”