Fault Level and Arc Flash Study

Drapers Gardens

Aurora Power Consulting was contracted by Blackrock  to carry out a fault study and arc flash evaluation of an existing large, data centre for a major financial institution.

Aurora’s initially carried out a detailed review of the system information and available SLDs, before creating a detailed  power system model in the ETAP simulation package. Once the initial model was complete Aurora then carried out a number of different fault and arc flash scenarios considering different operating cases and outage scenarios to determine the system behaviour and differing tripping times of the various protection relays.

Once the initial analysis had been carried out, Aurora then prepared a detailed technical report detailing the study findings, appropriate PPE levels and suggestions for improving the system performance with optical arc flash detectors.

Key Features

Client: Blackrock
Industry: Financial Services
Plant Type: Data Center
Project: Arc Flash and Fault Level Study
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2020

“A fault level and arch flash analysis study for a key financial institution.”