Aurora was contracted by the Rosebery group to carry out some power system design work for a new 7.5MW generating site, forming part of the new STOR framework in Northamptonshire, UK.

Aurora’s scope included developing a design and specification for the main HV switchboard, including the protection requirements and interlocking and inter-tripping arrangements with the LV breakers and the DNO. Aurora then produced a detailed SLD of the power system defining all of the key electrical elements and interfaces of the system. Aurora also carried out a series of cable sizing calculations for the site, considering the relevant site conditions, and fault levels for the site. In addition, Aurora provided ad-hoc support in liaising with the ICP and generator manufacturer to confirm the site fault levels, and generator earthing requirements.

As a follow up to the initial scope, Aurora were then appointed by Makpower (the generator manufacturer), to further support the porject by developing some wiring schematic diagrams, cable block diagrams and also preparing the overall protection coordination study for the site.