Aurora Power Consulting is a CDEGS specialist. As part of an ongoing plan, Power For Wales contacted Aurora to undertake a series of earthing designs and studies for 2 different 1.5MW solar farms in South Wales, as Rhas Fach and Pistyllgwyn.

Aurora arranged for specialist subcontractors to attend the site and undertake soil resistivity surveys using the Wenner 4 pin method. These results were then entered into the RESAP package of CDEGS to determine the soil configuration and resistivity layers, before beginning a detailed layout and analysis using the MALT and SESCAD modules.

Although the soil conditions, were far from ideal, through a careful analysis with the CDEGS package Aurora were able to determine the Earth Potential Rise (EPR) and develop an earth grid layout to ensure that the associated Touch and Step Voltages stayed within tolerable limits. Once the design had been completed Aurora developed an overall site earthing layout drawing and a detailed substation earthing layout drawing for both sites.