Aurora was appointed by Fortress Recycling to assist in providing a new electrical supply & harmonic study, to a proposed recycling plant that was being developed by Fortress, in Leamington Spa and also to interact with the DNO on the Client’s behalf.

Aurora reviewed the preliminary information provided by the Client and prepared a detailed electrical load schedule, which indicated the normal operating load, peak power, motor starting methods for each drive, as well as taking into account load diversity factors and future loads. Aurora then liaised directly with the DNO to agree the connection capacity required, and what additional studies would be required prior to energisation of the system.

The DNO identified that as the factory contained a large amount of harmonic distortion, a harmonic study would be required to meet the requirements of ENA G5/4. Aurora built a detailed model of the site using the ETAP software package analysing the overall THD at both the factory main MCC and the DNO Point Of Connection (POC), and were able to show that the system was within the G5/4 limits and that no specialist active filtering was required