Aurora Power Consulting was contracted by Farmwind / Bineri to undertake an urgent P28 study associated with a transformer energisation of a new 1MW wind turbine, in order to demonstrate ENA compliance, P28 standard prior to DNO energisation.

Due to the urgent nature of the project, Aurora prioritised the work over other projects, and quickly developed an electromagnetic model of the system using PSCAD, to simulate the individual phases of the voltage network and ensure that the peak inrush was modelled as the lead phase passed through a zero point.

The P28 study indicated that the total voltage dip was under the 3% limit, and that no further action was necessary. Aurora finalised the report and issued it to the Client in under 7 days, who then passed it on to the DNO, who accepted the study without comment. This enabled the client to meet their project deadline, without suffering any embarrassing delays.

Aurora recognises that these sort of studies are very common for smaller renewable energy companies, and that finding a consultant who is competent to perform them and does not charge excessive fees can be difficult. Aurora aims to try and fill this gap by helping our Clients understand the goal of the study, and then adopting a sensible and pragmatic approach to ensure that ENA compliance and the DNO requirements are met and that costs are kept to a minimum.

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