Grid Code Compliance Studies

Grid Code studies for larger sites directly connected to the National Grid Electricity Transmission Network, or sites above 50MW (or 30MW and 10MW in North and South Scotland) are required to be fully compliant with the National Grid Code.

Thanks to the G99 and the European RfG there is a pretty close alignment between G99 Type C/D plants and the Grid Code – but there are a few important differences, that can catch the unwary out. In particular there are a lot of additional requirements for battery storage schemes, where simulations are required to be performed for the site in import mode, and consideration of Automatic Low Frequency Demand Disconnection (ALFDD) is required.

  • Reactive Power Flow
  • Voltage Control and Stability
  • Fault Ride Through
  • Fast Fault Current Injection
  • Low Voltage Ride Through
  • Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode
  • Frequency Sensitive Mode
  • PPC Verification
  • Preparation of an EMT model in PSCAD

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