Aurora is pleased to announce that the company has recently purchased a license for CDEGS MultiGround from SES Technology.

The MultiGround package includes the RESAP, FCDIST and MALT modules, which are the most common modules for the majority of UK substations. This powerful earthing design package complements Aurora’s in-house knowledge and capabilities, by letting us tackle more complex earthing design problems and meeting the requirements of some of the more stringent DNO earthing design requirements.

The RESAP module allows modelling of complex soil layers and backfilled volumes of marconite and bentonite, as well as nearby metallic structures and water courses.

The FCDIST module allows more accurate calculation of the split factor over fault current flowing back through the ground or metallic return paths to the source substation, which is always one of the more challenging aspects for many substations.

The MALT module allows detailed analysis of the Earth Potential Rise (EPR) for a site and the tolerable and actual touch and step voltages around a site and detailed graphical contour plots of any associated hot zones.

We look forward to using CDEGS in our future earthing designs and hope our Clients will appreciate this extra capability in our services. Combined with out existing expertise, this now puts Aurora in the enviable position of being one of the few companies in the UK able to offer full CDEGS design packages, and back up the software with our deep in-house knowledge.