Renewable Power – Concept Studies

Failure of a site to meet its required Registered Capacity in MW due to a shortfall in MVAr, is a major cause of delays, and disputes in the renewable energy sector. Such problems are easily avoided by carrying out an initial concept study in the early stages of a project. The aim of a concept […]

Understanding the Benefits and Limitations of EMT and RMS Simulations

Introduction A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a brief post on our company website (Aurora Power Consulting) about EMT modelling, and it generated quite a bit of interest. This made me realise that unless you are directly involved in power system modelling and simulation, these issues can be a bit abstract and are a […]

Load Flow Studies

What is the purpose of a load flow study? Load flow studies are one of the most fundamental study types carried out as part of system analysis; but they are often ignored by companies as they are seen as a bit wooly and non-essential. However, they are actually very useful and tell the designer a […]