Coventry 50MW Battery Storage

Grid Code Studies

Aurora was commissioned by Omexom to carry out a series of power systems studies in order to meet compliance with the Grid Code for a new 50MW Battery Energy Storage Site (BESS), for a new greenfield development

The scope included the full suite of studies to meet compliance with NG ESO:

  • Grid Code: Loadflow & reactive capability
  • Grid Code: Fault Ride Through, LV Ride Through and Fast Fault Current Injection
  • Grid Code: Voltage Control and Stability
  • Grid Code: Frequency Control
  • Grid Code: PPC Verification
  • Grid Code: RVC/SVC (P28)
  • ENA G5.5 Stage 3 Harmonics
  • Short Circuit Study  / DRC Schedule 14
  • TGN 288E: TOV / SOV (insulation coordination)
  • Protection Coordination
  • ENA 41-24 Earthing Study



Key Features

Client: Omexom
Industry: Renewables
Plant Type: Battery Storage
Project: Coventry 50MW Battery
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2023

“Aurora was appointed by Omexom to carry out a series of power system studies for a new greenfield development for a 50MW BESS facility, requiring full Grid Code compliance studies.”