Broken Scar WTW

Protection Study

Aurora was contracted by ASAW and NWL to carry out a full protection coordination study for a major  WTW facility in the Northumbrian Water area.

Aurora’s scope was to attend site to carry out an overall site survey to determine the existing system configuration, equipment ratings and protection settings and configuration.

Once complete Aurora then carried out a protection coordination study for the new Solar PV installation and the existing site, using the DIgSILENT software package, to ensure that the site protection systems coordinated satisfactorily and the PV plant would not cause any potential interruption to the main process operation.

Key Features

Client: ASAW / NWL
Industry: Water
Plant Type: WTW
Project: Protection Study
Contract: Lump Sum
Date: 2023

“Aurora carried out a protection coordination study for a major WTW being extended with a solar upgrade project”