Earthing Studies

Earthing is one of the most complex and poorly understood aspects of power system engineering, with many engineers regarding it as a ‘black art’ or ‘alchemy’. In truth it is not an easy subjective, and one that is not overly intuitive, but there are some key ideas that are worth taking the time to understand. […]

Power System Studies – An Overview

Power System Studies Power system studies, or power system analysis is a critical part in the design process of any HV power system. If the system has not been designed correctly, formal computer analysis will identify any problems before construction starts, allowing redesign to be affected at minimal cost and any potential safety risks to […]

Power System Analysis Software

Power System Analysis Software – Overview A question that we are asked fairly regularly is  ‘What power system analysis software package should I buy / use?’ This seemingly innocuous question, actually covers a huge topic that is worthy of a whole technical paper on its own. The important point before answering this question is to […]